Hohoemi-cha- 30 bags (2 months supply)

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30 bags of Hohoemi-cha tea (makes 60 cups of tea)

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Two months supply of Hohoemi-cha.

Hohoemicha’s concentrated ingredients allow each bag to be used up to two times. Taking a traditional laxative or tea may help with bowel movement, but you don’t know when nature will call. Having to run to a bathroom, or even worse, not being close to ones can be annoying and embarrassing. Don’t let drugs/teas control your daily activities! After drinking Hohoemi-cha nature generally calls 8 – 10 hours later.

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Brew hohoemi-cha

How to Brew hohoemi-cha – very simple
1) Place a tea bag in a cup.
2) Pour hot water and wait. The longer
you wait, the stronger the tea gets.

3) Remove a tea bag, wrap and save it
in a fridge for next day.
4) Enjoy a cup of hohoemi-cha.


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